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This Bible for youth boasts the fresh, faithful, and reader-friendly New Catholic Bible translation in a convenient size. The treasure that complements the Word of God in this edition is a series of 25 inserts that focus on issues today's youth encounter and deal with in their day-to-day lives.

The four-page inserts offer readers the opportunity to see what the Bible says about the topic; to seek understanding about why the topic matters; to read inspiration from the lives of Saints, spiritual writers, Popes, and holy men and women; to glimpse the inspiration that the Church imparts; to discover ways to encounter God; to pray; and to reflect on questions that will help determine how they will live as disciples of Our Lord.

The vibrant inserts will attract youth and draw them into the riches they contain. With a mix of encouragement, understanding, relevant content, insights, meaningful reflection questions, and more, the inserts will provide young people with a go-to companion as they navigate through important life and faith questions and considerations.

Choose the New Catholic Bible for Youth to enrich, inspire, educate, and challenge the young people you love, you teach, you respect.

"This New Catholic Bible for Youth is intended for young people who are looking for answers and guidance in the face of many difficulties that they and their peers face every day. The Bible continues to be a source of spiritual strength in every generation, and the Catholic Church uses all the resources at her disposal to help people who are seeking the truth to make good decisions which are in line with the Will of God." From the Introduction

Index of Topics in 25 4-Page Inserts

  • Acceptance / Self-esteem / Peer Pressure
  • Addiction / Substance Abuse
  • Calling / Career / Vocation
  • Caring for the Earth
  • Cyberbullying / Social Media
  • Dating and Chastity
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Depression / Despair
  • Discrimination
  • Forgiveness
  • Friendship
  • Gender Issues
  • Grieving
  • Holy Spirit
  • Honor
  • Life Issues
  • Mary and St. Joseph
  • Mental Health
  • Morality
  • Parents and Siblings
  • Prayer
  • Reading Scripture
  • Sexuality
  • Sin
  • Suffering


"The New Catholic Bible for Youth is a welcome addition to any Catholic family's library. As a moral theologian, I find its inserts addressing the most pressing issues of our young people today in both an approachable and informative manner. This accomplishes the herculean task of speaking the truth in love in a meaningful yet brief way. Its references form an invitation to a deeper encounter with the Word of God, who is Jesus Christ and His Church. As a Catholic father, I deeply value its interweaving of the wisdom of the saints, images, and relevant topics in such a manner that my kids will look here for answers."
Justin M Anderson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Chair of Moral Theology
Immaculate Conception Seminary/School of Theology
Seton Hall University

"The New Catholic Bible for Youth stands out for its unique content. With practical reflections on topics that Catholics care deeply about, this Bible takes you further into the rich Tradition of the Church and her application of Scripture to daily life."
Michael K. St. Pierre
Executive Director of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association

"A beautiful, vibrant depiction of Sacred Scripture that young people will love, the New Catholic Bible for Youth will quickly be a family favorite. As a homeschool mom of five kids from high school to kindergarten, I'm always looking for something that is adaptable to use with all of my children. The New Catholic Bible for Youth is just that. The colorful illustrations and straightforward language make it enjoyable for my younger ones, and the supplemental inserts that tackle the moral and ethical challenges that our young people face today are perfect for my teens. We need resources just like this to help parents arm our kids with the truth so that they can go out and change the world for Christ."
Amber Dolle
Catholic Homeschool Mother of Five

"A valuable Bible for youth that delivers the truth of our faith in a way that's relevant to young people. A sourcebook, based on the sources of the Catholic faith, it invites reflection and deep thinking, a path to spiritual growth and inner renewal."
Ines Angeli Murzaku, PhD
Professor of Religion, Chair and Director of Catholic Studies Department and Program
Seton Hall University

"I have enjoyed reading this through the lens of a Catholic communicator and former youth and campus minister.
"Your inserts invite the young reader (and the not-so-young reader) to truly understand what the Word of God means for each of us, a life made new for all eternity. By understanding our goal, you have given us a gift that walks our salvific history through real-life topics, especially ones we tend to never discuss in the young Church, including forgiveness, mental health, and sexuality.
"As a Catholic communicator, I find the words of encouragement from the saints, the teachings of the Church, and the reflections on encountering God to be short and sweet while giving an excellent opportunity for profound reflection. Letting the Spirit flow in your words allows Him to enter the discussion while challenging the reader to understand what they may not fully believe.
"The walk of these inserts as a spiritual guide builds significant trust between the writer and reader – a key to our call in the work of evangelization.
"Our Church has truly been blessed by your witness and sacrifice, especially in the walk with the young Church."
Gerald Wutkowski, Jr.
Assistant Director
Office of Communications and Public Relations
Diocese of Metuchen

"Those who struggle with navigating through scripture will encounter a tremendous guide in the New Catholic Bible for Youth. The inserts written by Allan Wright are pastoral in nature, easy to digest, and true to the teaching of the Church. I am personally grateful to have such a timely aid to offer young hearts I see who long for purpose, truth and meaning."
Fr. Gino de la Rama
Vocations Director
Archdiocese of Newark

"An essential tool for evangelization and discipleship! Accompanied by the saints and Catholic leaders of today, the New Catholic Bible for Youth supports young people in their faith and helps them to deepen their relationship with Jesus. The New Catholic Bible for Youth is a unique source of inspiration and encouragement, providing resources to strengthen understanding of the relevance of scripture and Catholic teaching in the modern world. Youth ministers, parish catechetical leaders, Catholic school teachers, and all church leaders who work with youth will find the New Catholic Bible for Youth an effective asset to any curriculum. A true blessing!"
Joanne DePasquale-Parent
Associate Director of Youth and Young Adult Catechetics.

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Tanya Mycke

New Catholic Bible For Youth

Paul Szymanowski
Good for youth

I like how it addresses current moral challenges to our youth today.