Following Jesus Christ

Prayers And Meditations On The Passion Of Christ

Price: $9.95


Following Jesus Christ is an insightful prayer book designed to help readers reflect upon and accept the invitation that Jesus extends in the Gospels—"Follow me."—along with the accompanying proviso that to do so involves taking up one's cross. Edited by Rev. Victor Hoagland, C.P., this book offers prayers and meditations on the Passion of Christ that help readers to learn and understand the wisdom of the Cross, thereby drawing them closer to Jesus and enabling them to better honor both His Life and Passion. In addition, this attractive volume includes:

  • All four Gospel versions of Jesus' Passion
  • Prayers to Jesus Crucified
  • The Stations of the Cross
  • Reflections on Everyday Prayers  
  • Morning and Evening Prayers
  • Prayers for Various Needs
  • Prayers in Sickness
  • Mealtime Blessings
  • The Sacrament of Penance
  • The Mysteries of the Rosary
  • Litanies
  • Hymns

 With all the Scripture, prayers, and devotions contained in this book, it is the perfect personal resource or meaningful gift for those wishing to appreciate and follow Jesus Christ in His Passion.

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