St. Joseph Bible Handbook

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This solid introductory text, with its easy-to-follow format, offers readers the opportunity to discover valuable information contained in each of the Bible’s 73 books. Consider the plentiful features of this resource:

  • clear and concise text
  • general overview of every book in the Bible
  • each book uses consistent headings: Outline, Frequently Asked Questions, Study Questions, and Look out for…
  • prominent text features : Old Testament and New Testament timelines, key events listings, “callout” topics (e.g., “Covenant,” “Nazirites,” “Pentecost,” and “The Second Coming”) that more specifically elucidate the terms
  • visual accents abound: maps, photographs, panoramic illustrations
  • a wealth of summary information in the Appendix: “Key Ideas in the Bible,” “Promises in the Bible,” “Fifty Very Important Passages,” and “Who’s Who in the Bible”

This is an invaluable resource for use in schools, in Bible study groups, or by the individual inquirer.

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