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My Picture Missal

A simple, beautifully illustrated introduction to the Mass for children.


I Believe In God

An explanation of the Apostles' Creed in full color.


Bible Meditations For Every Day

Bible Meditations for Every Day from Catholic Book Publishing is a wonderful Bible resource, providing a daily Bible passage introduced by a meditation which prepares the reader to (...)


The Seven Sacraments

Acquaints children with the Sacraments. Illustrated in full color.


Miracles Of Jesus

A presentation of the miracles Jesus performed in the Bible. Full-color illustrations.


Collection Of Masses Of The B.V.M. Vols. 1 & 2

This two-volume Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary from Catholic Book Publishing contains the complete liturgical material needed to celebrate a total of 46 Masses in (...)


Mary My Mother

Beautifully illustrated book that teaches children about Our Lady.


The Angels

Illustrated in full color, this book teaches children about Angels and their place in our lives.


God Loves Us All

Celebrates God's love for us. Full-color illustrations.


Good Saint Joseph

A beautifully illustrated life of Saint Joseph, from the birth of Jesus until the death of Saint Joseph.


The Holy Rosary

Each Mystery of the Rosary is illustrated in full color and accompanied by easy-to-read prayers.


The Apostles Of Jesus

Acquaints children with the Apostles of Jesus. Full-color illustrations.


Saint Francis Of Assisi

Relates the life and influence of this beloved Saint. Illustrated in full color.


The Ten Commandments

Teaches children about the laws of God. Illustrated in full color.


My First Prayer Book

Beautifully illustrated book of simple prayers for children.


Saint Paul The Apostle

Relates the life and influence of this missionary Saint. Illustrated in full color.


Saint Peter The Apostle

Relates the life and influence of our first Pope. Illustrated in full color.


The Parables Of Jesus

Relates the parables that Jesus taught to His followers. Full-color illustrations.


Following Jesus

Teaches children how to follow Jesus' example. Full-color illustrations.


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