Have Faith, Will Travel

You don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy traveling, but it seems that Catholics might take more opportunities to travel than other Americans do. And Catholic travel has become a big business, leading to Catholic tourism companies and Catholic tourism websites to help us navigate our options. We know that traveling can be good for us, and for those we meet while we’re away. Travel can allow us to serve others, discover new educational and business opportunities, explore history, appreciate nature, interact with those of various cultural backgrounds, and relax. Today’s Americans like to multitask, so we often embark on trips with two, three, or even four or more of these goals in mind.

With so many things to do while we are traveling—and in a different environment—it can be easy for us to veer from our usual course. We can let healthy diet, exercise, and other elements of our regular routine slide while we are away. However, planning and bringing resources can help! To keep our health on track, we can bring nutritious snacks and plan to prepare some of our own meals while we travel, and we can plan to walk, climb, and perhaps take advantage of available workout facilities. Similarly, with many distractions while we are away from home, it’s up to us to take steps to keep our faith on track while we travel.

Here are a few concrete ways to prepare for a spiritually successful sojourn:

  1. Plan to attend Mass.
    Today, more than ever, it is easy to find a Mass to attend! Masstimes.org will tell you where and when you can find Sunday, holy day, and weekday Masses—no matter where in the world you are! Preview your options before you leave, and keep a running list of Mass options. And if your travels take you to an unexpected place, check Masstimes.org on the fly!
  2. Visit sites of Catholic interest.
    Catholic churches are among the most beautiful architectural structures in the world. Catholic shrines that are enriched by the beauty of the nature around them abound throughout the world; the United States is home to many such places of spiritual refreshment. Why not make a pilgrimage to a special site, adding a new spiritual dimension to your trip?
  3. Make time for daily reflection.
    Structured prayer each day is a good spiritual practice. The Church provides us with the Liturgy of the Hours to allow all Catholics a universal experience of prayer. Daily prayer while traveling can be enhanced by books that provide consistent structure and opportunities for deep reflection. You might find Morning and Evening Prayer helpful, as it draws on Scripture and seasonal prayers of the Church to support daily reflection. The New Saint Joseph People’s Prayer Book is a portable encyclopedia of prayer, drawing prayers from a wide variety of Catholic spiritual sources. Containing more than 1,400 prayers, this book includes a prayer for every situation you encounter on your travels! Uplifting Thoughts for Every Day, a popular book in our Spiritual Life Series, provides an opportunity for meaningful prayer in just one minute each day—this is definitely a travel-friendly resource! Preparing for daily prayer before you embark on your journey can set you up for success.
  4. Stay connected.
    Staying connected doesn’t have to mean staying on the grid! My Daily Spiritual Companion gives you two valuable spiritual insights for each day: a short reflection about the saint of the day, and a prayer. It also gives you an opportunity to remember birthdays and anniversaries, reminding you to contact—or pray for—those who are celebrating a special day. This book is equally helpful at home and on the go!
  5. Take advantage of quiet time.
    When you have a quiet moment while you’re away, take the time to listen to God’s Word—bring your favorite Bible with you! You’ll find that all of our editions of the New Catholic Version of the New Testament are durable and convenient for travel, and that they include many helpful aids for easy Bible reading. Or, try our most portable version of the New Catholic Version of the New Testament: our new MP3 Audio flash drive! It’s perfect for when you don’t have space for a book, but don’t want to miss an opportunity to reflect on the Scripture.

With a little bit of planning and preparation, travel can be an opportunity to renew our commitment to our Faith, allowing us to be present to God, no matter where we roam!

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