The World Of The Bible

St. Joseph Bible Resources

Price: $7.95

  • Product Code: 662/04
  • ISBN: 9781937913762
  • Pages: 32
  • Author: TIM DOWLEY
  • Size: 6 1/2 X 9
  • Color: FULL COLOR
  • Binding: PAPERBACK


One of six titles in the St. Joseph Bible Resources series, this fully-illustrated booklet provides, in a concise and accessible format, a most interesting overview of life in Bible times, including the following:

  • an Old Testament time chart of significant people and decisive moments from the time of Abram (Abraham) leaving his home
  • an informative description of Jewish festivals throughout the year
  • an overview of noteworthy figures in the Old and New Testaments and where to discover more about them in the Bible
  • succinct descriptions of the clothing, daily life, synagogues, and travel in Bible times

This booklet is an invaluable resource for use in schools, in Bible study groups, or by the individual inquirer.

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