St. Joseph Catholic Handbook

Principal Beliefs * Popular Prayers * Major Practices

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  • ISBN: 9780899422688
  • Pages: 96
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This concise handbook of the Principal Beliefs, Popular Prayers, and Major Practices of the Catholic Faith will serve as a worthy companion to a variety of people on their faith journey.

  • It will help those with no faith to consider entering the Catholic Church by familiarizing themselves with a solid overview of the basics of the Faith.
  • It will serve as a gentle reminder to those who have fallen away from the Faith of the Tradition that the Church firmly holds as well as the love, mercy, and forgiveness that she continues to offer them and to all the faithful.
  • It will encourage RCIA candidates to come into full communion with the Church by helping them better understand the myriad treasures of the Faith.

This handbook is an effective and meaningful resource that has the potential to make a difference in the lives of people willing to explore the Faith and make it their own.

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