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Christian Prayer

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Christian Prayer

Christian Prayer from Catholic Book Publishing is the official one-volume version of the internationally acclaimed Liturgy of the Hours offered directly from the publisher. It contains the complete texts of Morning and Evening Prayer for the entire year. With its readable 10-pt. type, ribbon markers for easy location of texts, and beautiful two-color printing, this handsome and handy volume simplifies praying the official Prayer of the Church for today's busy Catholic.

The regular edition also has the same structure for the Psalmody as that in the Liturgy of the Hours and includes selections from Evening Prayer, Night Prayer, and the Office of Readings as well as an extensive hymn section with words and music. Each edition comes with a current annual guide.

All Editions of Christian Prayer Are Ideal For...

  • Religious Communities
  • Evening Prayer
  • Meditative Prayer
  • Devotional Reading
  • Parishes
  • Morning Prayer

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