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All Catholic Book Publishing Products Share A Proud History Of Faithfulness, High-End Craftsmanship, And Proven Reliability

Trusted and Approved

Catholic Book Publishing is the name you can trust. Make your selections with confidence, knowing that our books are steeped in the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Faith and are recognized and respected for their publishing excellence by Catholics worldwide. It is no wonder that the books in the Catholic Book line carry the Imprimatur.

Attention to Detail

Catholic Book Publishing has a long history of bringing quality and craftsmanship to Bibles, books, and gifts for Catholics of all ages. For nearly 110 years, we have helped enrich the ordinary days and celebrate the milestones and special occasions that help proclaim our faith and build our community.

Quality Guarantee

For generations, Catholics have trusted Catholic Book Publishing. We stand behind the quality of all of our publications. From the paper that they are printed on, to the strength and durability of their bindings, all of our products are manufactured to withstand the test of time.

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